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Those funny pull ups and big tire flips were some of the things Matt first noticed about CrossFit. He didn’t get it, scoffed, and carried on with his regimen at the time of a relatively low heart-rated leg day or maybe even some bi’s & tri’s. He was interested in the idea of cross-training but rarely, fully executed that interest. After moving toPennsport and without a home globogym, he decided to drop into CrossFit 2st at Versus Fitness. This time, he saw gymnastic movements intermingled with Olympic lifting and decided to give this fad (at least he thought) a shot. Matt somehow got past being impossibly sore after his very first week of CrossFit and quickly developed a new addiction.

Over what became years at CrossFit 2st, he received tremendous training and feedback from his 2st coaches finding that they directly and positively impacted his performance, and general outlook. He realized that the CrossFit methodologies enriched the game of fitness and health. He also realized that CrossFit is here to stay. Fast forward to 2019, Matt took his new passion to the next level: from being coached to coaching others. He achieved his Level One certification and now coaches CrossFit and Bootcamp classes. Seeing the short-term and long-term improvements of his fellow members is easily the highlight of coaching – whether it is a small cue on technique or a big PR.

If he misses a WOD, it’s (allegedly) because he’s tied up with a case or in some legal proceeding. Matt is a trial attorney with German, Gallagher & Murtagh when not in shorts. Sometimes, while also in shorts.